Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Aliens of Terran Space: Froguloids

Appearance and Biology
Froguloids appear as humanoid frogs roughly 1m in height.  They typically have green skin, though males often possess more exotic colors.  Sexual dimorphism is fairly subtle in Froguloids, but there are enough differences to tell one gender from another.  Froguloids require a larger amount of food - especially protein - and moisture than humans, though they can usually exist in the same environments.

Froguloids were originally created by humans as an experiment in uplifting.  It was thought that the process would be fairly easy since the anatomy - as opposed to the physiology - of a frog is not that dissimilar from a human.  Froguloids have long been employed by Imperial scientists in order to jump start the terraforming process on prospective planets.  It was thought that their fast metabolism as well as their propensity for mutation would help scientists identify potential atmospheric hazards undetectable by the Imperium's equipment.  This history has made Froglings somewhat paranoid, though not enough to damage their relationship with other species.

Froguloids now have their own systems and colonies, with a capital known as Frogulon.  They are still technically part of the Terran Imperium, but they enjoy a great deal of autonomy.  Their social structures are more or less the same as human society except as noted below.  There is also a splinter state known as the Bullywug Star Empire, but this is fairly small and acts more as a base for piracy than an actual state.

Froguloids are fairly gregarious and adventurous, though they have a habit of distrusting humans.  They make excellent traders, scientists, and explorers, a fact that both humans and Froguloids take credit for.  

They enjoy diversions of all sorts, but often tire of things very quickly.  Forguloids often become frustrated with humans, whom they accuse of being "slow." They are also known for their propensity for drink and mind altering substances, though these are usually very strong by human standards to account for the differences in Froguloid biology.

Froguloid society largely resembles its human counter part, including both noble titles and dress; however, they possess strongly entrenched "houses," or large family units, that act as the major political players on both Frogulon and in the Bullywug Star Empire.

Froguloids as Player Characters
1d6 Strength, 3d6 Dexterity, +2 DN to Initiative, double life support costs, can survive underwater 10x as long as human characters, can enter the Scout, Merchant, and Other careers as well as any career in Citizens of the Imperium


This might seem a bit out of place in a galaxy of terror, but I tend to mix comedy and horror rather uncomfortably in anything I run.  Plus I just like frog people.

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  1. Evan, you seem to really "get" this Traveller / space horror stuff. There aren't many of us out there. You still running any traveller online? I'm looking for a Skype/or irc game. I'm big into Cthonian stars and will be rolling out a group of Wardens in the coming days on Darkmyst. Email me at Ridleykane@gmail.com if any of this sounds interesting.